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Brandon and I grew up just a mile away from each other in Northern, CA. We started dating in high school and have been together over 30 years.

Wow did I just type that! That’s right 30+ years…

We officially started our relationship in cooking class in 1990. We grew as friends and by the end of the school year had officially started dating in May of 1991. We have quite literally grown up together into who we are today. 

We were both raised by our mom’s and step fathers. The male influences in my life where primarily my grandpa and my two older brothers. My mom began dating when I was in elementary school. When I was sixteen, they were married and I now call him Dad.  

My grandpa was a carpenter and did construction. He had basic car knowledge and taught me the basics of changing a car tire and checking my oil. My brothers who were 4 and 6 years older than me were into anything with wheels (BMX bikes, dirt bikes, street bikes, and cars). They worked on cars in our driveway and did modifications to all the cars they owned. So, you could say I was raised with car knowledge and appreciation. 

Now along comes Brandon. He was a car guy too! Like my brothers he was into anything with wheels. Brandon grew up with his step father (but let’s call him Dad too) who always had cars and motorcycles and loved to work on them. He also built custom Mustangs as a side hustle. 

Our dad’s and grandpa’s have amazing stories that we will share more details about in individual blog posts. 

The name Big Dad was significant to us because that is what we called Brandon’s grandpa. It helped us to develop our story and how we came about starting Big Dad’s Moto. 

Owning a business has been a dream of Brandon and I since we were in college. We are excited to finally share our company and vision with you. What makes this company great is  we are able to pull together our family history and the love we have for coffee, cars and motorcycles.    - Tani



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